16 August, 2007

Story Development

During senior studio I started the development of a short sci-fi story. The story revolves around the impact of global devastation set in the future and the resourcefulness of mankind to survive by colonizing a Titan class moon. A major twist to the story is that the moon is not only teeming with life, but many of the species on the planet are native to Earth! This leaves many of the colonists in a state of awe and uncertainty. Scientists, theologians and politicians are left to debate whether all life develops along a similar DNA trend or if these specimens were relocated to the planet by another group of beings entirely. Little do they know what's in store for them in the near future.

The first image is a late-story concept of the alien harvesters that collect planetary resources on a massive scale.

Nicknamed Guppies, Image 2 is of a Zone Trooper employed by the Global Unity Project (GUP) to help maintain order and act as disaster response teams.

Image 3 is a proportion study of the Relocation Center stationed in orbit around the planet March as well as the single-use interplanetary transport vehicles that ferry colonists from Earth to the new planet.

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